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It is very simple, OyeProxy.com allows you to access your favourite website even when they are restricted by your network administrator. It can be school network or can be network of college. Even you can we can help you to browse your favourite website in your office. Simply open your favourite webiste through us. OyeProxy.com is a webproxy which allows to access website indirectly and anonymously. So when you are accessing a site through us then you are hidden to destination site which is in other word known as anonymous surfing. Our service is not paid, ie. you do not need to pay anything, just use it without cost. And if you like our service then also tell about it to your friends and colleagues.

Enter the URL you wanted to surf and click on GO! to start using our proxy.


Internet is full of surprises and sometimes you recieve surprises when you can not access your important and frequent visiting site anymore, then we are at help, use our services and browse internet unrestricted.